Why it is important for me...


As a diving instructor, I gave a promise to the ocean – making sure, that it is treated as you would like to be treated – with respect.


Protecting the ocean and its inhabitants from harmful influences and pass on this attitude to my fellow people is my passion. The ocean is the largest oxygen provider of our planet and it can only stay like this, as long as it is intact.



After 5 years travelling as a diving instructor, I came back to Austria to share my knowledge of the oceans and the impact human beings can have to this wonderful eco-system. On my travels, I have seen the impact of the pollution by humans and experienced intact reefs, as well as destroyed areas under water. There are several opportunities to restore the balance within in the seas and that only works when people know about the function of the oceans and the prevailing impacts. The inhabitants of the oceans do not have a voice by themselves and only we humans can raise our voice for them.


The oceans are key to our and our earth’s wellbeing, as well as a balanced environment and I do my part in keeping it healthy and raise awareness.


Raise your voice for the inhabitants of the oceans, as well as for yourself and get your ambassador of the oceans as your faithful companion.