...sustainable lifestyle...

...protecting the oceans...

...long-term health...

...working independently...   


I'm welcoming you to my core topics which are very important to me and I tell you what they mean to me:


Sustainable lifestyle:

  • Buying regional products, support regional shops, taking care of used ressources
  • Take care of yourself, treat yourself with kindness
  • Walk with mindfullness through your days
  • Vitality: eat & drink mindful, find a work-life-balance that makes you happy
  • Stay interested for something new
  • Do what is good for you at least once a day

My motto: "When you are happy in your life, others around you will see and feel it too!"


Protecting the oceans:

  • Reduce plastic as much as you can, support dedicated organisations, protecting the reefs while diving and transfer the right behaviour to my students and all other people, distributing the message about the important role of the oceans

Especially as a diving instructor and ocean lover, I am proud to spread the message to reduce plastic pollution in our oceans with TASINI BAGs. These are resuseable shopping bags made of recycled plastic from the oceans - cleverly hidden in cute fabric ocean animals.

With purchasing a TASINI BAG, you support an Indonesian community which works and produces under Fair Trade regulations and organizes educational workshops about saving our oceans and environment, in schools.


My motto: "When the oceanic ecosystem dies, we all will die too!"


Long-term health:

Since my birth I'm having health issues and I had to learn that water is the most important thing for my body to survive (drinking 2-3 litre per day). I had a few surgeries and had to take a lot of medicine until I found a great Shiatsu practitioner when I was an adult. At the beginning I had many therapies frequently and I got so much body feeling. Additionally I got introduced to TCM nutrition and I learned what I have to eat or drink, when something comes up.

I'm very grateful for this experience in my life.

  • As NUAD practitioner I'm following the path of mindful behaviour with my body and myself
  • My relationship to water got stronger as a diving instructor, when I learned about the impact to our whole ecosystem
  • Additionally I learned that water is not water and since a few months I improved the quality of my drinking water to prevent health issues. From my experience I can tell you from my heart that you don't want to have strong health issues and struggle with a forced change of your lifestyle. It's easier to make your own choice!

My motto: "Do something good for your body, so that your soul wants to live in it!"


Working independently:

My working experience as an event manager, organising educational events, travelling to countries reminding of paradise, working as a diving instructor as well as an all-round office manager and being a business owner and energy worker, taught me how to organise my life. It also showed me different ways of working and living and it became clear what I do not like.

All of this made me come to the final decision to grow a sustainable and independent business.

I am grateful to have a strong community of 1000+ masterminds, mentors and coaches in my background to learn from and pass on all the valueable information for you to be successful in your online business.


I'm excited to support you on your way to a more enjoyable life.

  • Digitalisation started for me 15 years ago and implemented it to my life and jobs to be as much efficient as possible
  • Self-organisation, organised processes and working with a product or service you stand fully behind and you can identify with
  • What is your potential? Do you work in a field that makes you happy?
  • Have you been thinking of working independently? Working from where and when ever you like?

My motto: "There is always a solution for everything!"


If you like to achieve your dreams and goals, I would love to support you with my whole community!